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Classroom Guest Speaker Programs

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The RASC Halifax Centre and Saint Mary’s University Department of Astronomy & Physics are teaming up and bringing the universe down to your classroom!

If you are a teacher in Nova Scotia and are covering astronomy in your lesson plans this year, you can apply for a classroom guest speaker who is either

•    an amateur astronomer from the RASC Halifax Centre (primarily elementary and junior high school) Contact Paul Heath.


•    a professional astronomer from the faculty of Saint Mary’s University (primarily high school, centered on careers in space sciences) Contact Prof. Rob Thacker.


In either case,indicate:

1. First choice and second choice of dates and times

2. Grade level

3. Desired topic

Consider the hands-on activity involving the assembly and use of the Galileoscope, a small working telescope developed especially for IYA2009. If you are interested in this activity, please contact Dave Chapman for details.


We do our best to meet everyone's requirement. As these are volunteer speakers we ask for your understanding regarding their availability. We will fill requests as we receive them and we hope to eventually satisfy them all with your cooperation.